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    Before you play Blackjack keep these tips in mind:

    Practice, practice, practice. Blackjack is a game of strategy so the more you practice, the greater your chances are of having a successful hand.

    Beating the dealer is the aim of the game and by using basic strategy you can work out when to Hit, Stand or Double Down.

    Before you play for real money, play for free. This gives you a chance to learn how the game works and to maximise your winning potential when you make the switch.

    Choose a Blackjack game that has the lowest house edge to start off with. Certain variants of Blackjack have higher house edges than others and by starting with the odds in your favour you stand a better chance of winning form the outset.

    Steer clear of live dealer games and tournaments until you have sufficient practice and are proficient in the game.

    Claim a bonus that lets you play blackjack whenever possible. Check the wagering requirements before you play. No deposit bonuses are a great choice for free play options.

    Rules may differ from casino to casino so check them out before you commit. It’s also a smart idea to take a look at the paytables to make sure your winning chances are reasonable.
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    Amazing tips for the blackjack lovers!!!
    Thanks and your tips are very much appreciated.

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