Classic Black Jack

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    Anyone have a basic overview on how to play Classic Black Jack?

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    Number Of Decks: One. If you play online, the deck is shuffled before each game begins

    Splitting Rules: You are permitted as a player to Split any two cards but they must have the same, equal denomination, and as such you cannot split ten valued cards like Jacks, Queens and Kings.

    When you split any hand in Classic Blackjack another wager will be required on the new hand which has to be the equal to your first bet.
    You are only permitted to split once and as such you will be playing two separate hands.

    Doubling Down Rules: You can double down only one and not after a split. To double down, your hand must total 9, 10 or 11.

    Dealer Play: Classic Blackjack is a no peek game so the dealer won't peek for Blackjack if he is holding an Ace or a Ten.

    Payouts and House Edge: A Blackjack hands pays 3-2, and a winning Insurance bet pays 2-1.

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