Did you hear about the guy ..

Discussion in 'Casino news' started by RochejrfFrida, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. RochejrfFrida

    RochejrfFrida Member

    .. who used his recent windfall to pay ALL his son's tuition fees in CASH!

    Lucky Son of a ... Rich Man :) !
  2. Brenna Pura

    Brenna Pura Member

    Good guy ! Hope splurged a bit on himself too.
  3. I wonder what his son was studying?
  4. RushelHilton

    RushelHilton New Member

    Great guy!!
    And the luckiest son..this is the second way of earning money and paying bills.
    Isn't it so?
  5. أثىقثن

    أثىقثن New Member

    What a great guy , I didnt see him before
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  6. Carl Green

    Carl Green New Member

    Look like that guy is a good man how lucky is his sons. I'm so jealous about it.

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