Do I have a better chance of winning online

Discussion in 'Casinos' started by Tiana Ileen, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Tiana Ileen

    Tiana Ileen Member

    than offline?
  2. RochejrfFrida

    RochejrfFrida Member

    I would think the odds are the same but your level of distraction may be different
  3. Chelsie Chanell

    Chelsie Chanell New Member

    They say odds are better online
  4. RushelHilton

    RushelHilton New Member

    Which one is better online or offline?
  5. Graciah29

    Graciah29 New Member

    I guess both if you are clear with the strategies and tricks of playing.
  6. Gomez

    Gomez New Member

    It works better online. Well, it really depends upon you. There are people who are better in playing online and there are those who just can't win online. I'd say the odds are the same, it's just a matter of luck and how you play it.
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  7. Carl Green

    Carl Green New Member

    I agree for me they are both fine as long as you have a fighting spirit to fight and don't give up that is my motto FIGHT AND DON'T GIVE UP. I know in gambling there's no 100% to win every game but I don't care as long as I really enjoyed it playing with my friends. :)
  8. N.J. Bailey

    N.J. Bailey New Member

    Theoretically, online casinos do have better odds, yes, because their house edges are pre-determined and generally set to be constant. Just make sure to always do your research about the ones you play on, lest you bump into unpleasant events. StarGames is one of the sites I frequent and I can't complain. I guess real casinos are harder to decipher in terms of means of functioning, but I still like playing from the coziness of my home better.

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