Does it make you play the game

Discussion in 'Screen shots of your winnings' started by NelsoncefConcep, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. NelsoncefConcep

    NelsoncefConcep New Member

    if you see screenshots of other people's winnings on those games?
  2. RushelHilton

    RushelHilton New Member

    Hey Nelson,
    I can't see any screenshots of other people's winning.
    In fact, how about you?
    Do you have good experience or winning screenshot to share with us all here?
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  3. N.J. Bailey

    N.J. Bailey New Member

    Hehe, I think I know what Neson meant there. Seeing other people's winnings is a nice morale booster, same goes for those crazy videos with massive wins you can see around the web, and if the gameplay seems nice, yeah, could convince me to give a new game a try. However, better not get too excited about this kinda stuff, and definitely not let it set your expectations unrealistically high. Remember, one big-win screenshot or video may have a lot of losses behind!

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