Is online gambling worth the risk

Discussion in 'Casino news' started by BectondbgRemona, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. BectondbgRemona

    BectondbgRemona New Member

    for governments?
  2. Brenna Pura

    Brenna Pura Member

    I was just thinking this in light of the Japanese law being changed ... I wonder what the risks really are.
    As far as I can tell, its a greater risk, not legalizing it, they're just losing out on money
  3. Jared Cobb

    Jared Cobb New Member

    Gambling is all about taking risks and this is a world renowned fact and we are well aware of the opportunity of getting high end rewards, so I consider it is worth to take risks because a single big win can transform your whole life and lifestyle.
  4. RushelHilton

    RushelHilton New Member

    Yes, it is all about taking risk and winning completely on your luck. So better be safe before getting involved into this.

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