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    Start small- Live or in-play betting is really fast and adrenalin fuelled. It doesn’t leave much time for strategic, thought out decisions and you’ll need to be quick on your feet. Rather start with smaller bets at first and build up to bigger wagers once you feel like you’ve got the hang of it.

    Act fast- Odds can change really rapidly during a match so you need to get your bets in without any delays. Over thinking or waiting to see what might happen could see the odds reduced fast and you miss out.

    Take note of your performance- Don’t be over confident or misjudge your previous betting history. By keeping track of your bets you can improve your form and work out where you’ve gone wrong in the past.

    Set-up your bet in advance-If you have a really strong feeling about the way a game is going to go, set up your bet in advance and wait till the odds are as good as they are likely to get. This way you are well prepared and can simply submit your bet without any hassles when the time is right.

    Remember the margins- Always remember pre game margins are lower than in game margins.

    Don’t be afraid to switch sides- Sports betting is often driven by passion and it’s a sign of support for your favourite team. However, if mid-game it looks like your preferred side is not going to emerge victorious don’t let it put you off betting the other way. Sports betting is all about winning and sometimes you need to forget about allegiances and loyalty and go where the money is.

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